Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Soundtrack (and Midterm Exams!)

Today is the first day of midterm exams for me in my university-level classes, and to say that I'm anxious would be a complete understatement.  However, just as it's important to study (so much studying!), it's also crucial to take some moments of break time just to give your brain a chance to recuperate and file everything properly.  Music helps me take these emotional/mental pit stops. Here's what's on Tuesday's soundtrack...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Maps"
(The lead singer was crying real tears in this video...the person she wrote the song for hadn't showed up for video filming to watch her perform, and she thought she'd been stood up and was brokenhearted!)

Cat Power: "Sea of Love"

Lykke Li: "Tonight"

Sigh.  Thank you, music!  Now I get to return to thermodynamics and nation-states....

<3 Frances

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