Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fall Colors Prediction Map

The phenomenon of the seasons will never fail to fascinate me.  Somehow, within the next two months, the heavy, sweltering heat humidifying the early September air will gave way to a crisp freshness, and the deep green of the forest will pass on in an explosion of red and orange.  I always miss the leaves, but the colors at the end of their lives do them perfect justice, and I'm so excited because there's now a map that'll tell you when, exactly, the leaves in your state will be their most autumnal.  The Fall Foliage Prediction Map, made by, lets you use a sliding graph that has dates from August 29th to November 14th to see which date will be the reddest, yellowest day of your year.  It also gives a whole bunch of science information about what makes the leaves change and why, which is, it turns out, pretty freaking cool.

Young woman enjoying the fall leaves in the Smoky Mountains.

<3 Frances

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