Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Fall

There was a certain crispiness to the air this morning, and, even though it'll be warm today, the temperatures are still much cooler than they were during the summer.  And some of the leaves are starting to change colors, too, signaling a transition in the seasons.  It's amazing when you think that we're already into the second-to-last season of 2015.  Sometimes I think time just goes by so fast. We're too distracted thinking that everything's moving slowly to realize how quickly it's going, and then it's over, and we wonder what happened.  This season, maybe we should try to be less distracted and focus more on what's around us as it's happening.  I have a bad habit of spiraling into my own thoughts, but I'm working on doing that less so I can put energy towards the things that are actually important.  #zen
In honor of the new season, here's an entirely necessary Snoopy pic (because what's more seasonal than Snoopy?):

What are you all excited for this season?  It lasts until December, so we better makes friends with it. I know I'm totally thrilled to get my wisdom teeth out, LOL.  Okay, maybe not so much. But I am excited for pumpkins and leaves and the little moments that make harder times less difficult. Sweaters and knee socks are good things about the fall, too.  

I'm sending the force for everyone's day today!
<3 Frances

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