Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cosmic Thoughts for Today

Hi, everyone!  Happy Tuesday wishes for all of you.  We're just about halfway into December now, so we're approaching next year rather quickly.  It's crazy, isn't it?  But it's so warm here that it doesn't feel like winter at all.  It's odd to think that it's really the holiday season already and that 2016 will be here before we know it.
I've always been interested in intuitive healing and positive energy, and I saw a little post about the energy shift that is going on right now cosmically and how we can attune ourselves to it to make positive changes in our lives.  I know cosmic intuition-related things aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I find the positive messages inspiring and enlightening :).  This comes from Christine Clemmer.  I found it on the FB page for "Just Channeling."

Cosmic Consciousness December 14 - 20, 2015
After last week’s Ophiuchan New Moon conjunct Ixion, we now have direct access to our soul’s divine blueprint, and have begun planting seeds for THE greatest manifestation that will occur all through next year. The end of this week marks the start of a whole Mercury retrograde Cycle that promises unprecedented shifts and leaps in consciousness that our minds can’t begin to comprehend yet, but we will by the end of January.
For now, we are undergoing some powerful new alignments regarding the Mind/Body connection. Last week, Mars (the physical body) connected with the Uranus/Pluto square, and this week Mercury (the higher mind) makes a similar connection, sparking a huge upgrade to our operating system. Because Quaoar is still involved (the higher octave of Mercury), we’re sure to experience some super high frequency downloads that will awaken us to the highest truth of who we are, and lead us to that full deliverance here on Earth.
When the mind aligns with the soul’s higher purpose, we can gain a clear perspective of how every event manifesting in the physical world serves as an opportunity to support our original blueprint. Because the physical realm is literally the densest, heaviest manifestation and reflection of every thought, belief, reaction, and karmic pattern, it can serve as a powerful feedback mechanism of where we’ve been and what we’ve been focusing on. We are currently receiving the upgrade we’ll need to turn all that information into a new way of living.
The powerful relationship between the mind and body is all about communication and feedback. We’ve all learned so much about the power and potential of the Mind/Body connection, and there are amazing examples and studies that prove the mind’s capacity to transform and heal the physical body. Mercury represents the higher mind, and he is the Great Messenger. The physical body is a highly sophisticated feedback mechanism, and when we use our higher minds to communicate in a healthy relationship with the messages sent from the body, any physical condition, event, or relationship becomes a teacher and an awakener of higher consciousness. If we judge or fear the messages coming from the body, we can’t attune to the highest frequency of consciousness that’s possible.
Everything has the potential to bring us back to our soul’s higher blueprint. Every moment serves as an awakening from our Higher Selves. When we allow ourselves to fully receive, honor, and integrate the higher truth of any messages coming from the body, then the body can let go of the old fear based pattern. Once the message is received, the old vibrational pattern of the story shifts and dismantles.
The physical body will always provide a snapshot of neutral, honest feedback of what’s occurring holistically in this moment…the body never lies. Oftentimes, we don’t like the feedback, and we desire to change it, so we may try to affirm something different and use our ego will to force a different outcome, out of resistance to what we don’t like. However that creates more karma. The way to clear the body and manifest something new is to allow the old karmic residue to come completely up to the surface and out, to purge and release, without judgment, and actually receive the message of that energy pattern.
Most karmic debris is stagnant emotional residue held within the cellular memory of the physical body. If we react to the clearing by getting tripped up even more into the old patterns, then we’re repeating that karmic wheel of manifestation. So often, we get distracted by the temporary discomfort of the karmic clearing, that we begin to focus even more of our attention on those scenarios by incessantly worrying, fearing, and dreading the experience of the purge. Whatever we place our attention on is what we’re choosing to value in the moment…and that’s what we create more of. Every moment, we’re manifesting from our current state of mind. When the current state of mind is at one with Source, in the highest possible observer’s perch of Oneness, that’s where we see the potential, remember our limitlessness, and begin anew, as empowered visionaries and creators.
On December 19th and 20th, Mars conjuncts Haumea, Mercury connects with the Uranus/Pluto stepping stone, AND the Sun conjuncts Ixion and then Quaoar and the Galactic Center, preparing to hit the World Axis on the Solstice on the 21st. This makes for a HUGE weekend of planetary awakening and evolution. The Mind/Body connection is very personal, and also global, as our physical evolution is mirrored in the Earth, and vice versa.
Mars conjunct Haumea is the reflection of the wholeness of the physical body and the entire physical realm, and the divine perfection of each moment as it is, serving as the feedback messenger for evolution. We came here to evolve, and so everything in this physical realm is a holistic reflection of our consciousness, providing us a multidimensional view from our higher minds’ perspective of the ways in which we fragment from Source, and revealing the way back to Source, through defragmentation and reunification. There’s really nothing to do, other than shift our perspective and elevate our consciousness. Everything is already done.
Our origin is Love, Unity, and Light, and whatever we’re experiencing here that’s NOT that is the manifestation of separation consciousness. When we remember that we are still home, we are all always connected to Source, in Love, and as Light, we can experience a whole new world here on Earth.
We’re at the tipping point of shifting our collective consciousness, and it requires discipline to keep our minds focused on our divine blueprint as we witness and participate in the awakening, transmutation and resurrection of the planet. "I AM the resurrection and the Light" is a fantastic mantra to practice daily this week as we focus our minds on the complete and total transmutation that is occurring within us and everywhere on the planet.

<3 Frances  

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