Friday, December 11, 2015

Super Sweet Story: Girl Befriends Crows

Gabi with birdsI have always loved crows. They hold a somewhat spiritually significant place in my heart, and whenever I see them, I think of my grandmother.  When my mum found this story, then, I was incredibly moved by it.  Eight year-old Gabi Mann lives in Seattle and used to drop food on the ground when she was little, which drew the attention of local crows.  Noticing this, she eventually began leaving food intentionally, and over time she developed a relationship with the birds.  They even started giving her gifts!  Anyone who knows about crows knows that they cherish all the little trinkets they collect, so the fact that they've started sharing with Gabi is amazingly sweet, and so far they've given her everything from beads to bolts.  It's adorable that they have this friendship. Reading about it is a good way to start a Friday.  For more, see this BBC article.

Gifts given by the crows

<3 Frances 

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