Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Positive Vibes

There's a very overwhelming part of me that still feels like it should be 6:54 AM, but it isn't.  We've "sprung ahead" on the clocks, so now that dear little hour I'm so excited to get in the fall is gone.  I hope everyone is adjusting well.  I think I'm better now, but on Sunday night I lay awake in bed for a few hours wishing I could fall asleep.  Needless to say, Monday morning = tired.  These positive affirmations that my mum found were very helpful, though.  They may not be related to fatigue or the time change, but they're incredibly inspiring, positive, and true, and I think everyone would benefit from taking a moment to fully embrace what they mean.  My favorite right now is "Bedtime Affirmations for the Soul" because that title is just so awesome.  Happy Tuesday!

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<3 Frances 

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