Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day Soundtrack

It's happened!  Snow!  Legitimate snow!  I know New England's been suffering through blizzard situations for the past few weeks, and my heart really does go out to those still digging themselves out from beneath several feet of ice, but I can't help but to be excited about having some snowfall here, too.  (I was beginning to give up entirely on the idea of snowmen, sledding, and snow days.)
Seeing as Punxsutawney Phil was accurate in his forecast and it's still very much winter out there, here's some music to make the whole indoors thing a little bit easier:

Lykke Li: "I Follow Rivers"
(See all of the snow?)

Bastille (Vs. The Gemma Sharples Quartet): "Fall Into Your Arms"

Tom Odell: "I Know"

Gin Wigmore: "Black Sheep"

<3 Frances


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