Monday, March 9, 2015

Icy Dwarf Planets & Losing One Hour

I know that we technically turned our clocks forward yesterday, but I think that the whole time-loss thing has really hit me more so now that it's Monday.  Waking up at 5:15 just feels so wrong when it should only be 4:15.  Sigh.  I hope everyone else is coping well enough with the time change.  I wish we could have it when it was actually spring or summer because then it would at least be warm outside....
In other news, NASA's Dawn probe has arrived at Ceres, an icy dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter.  Dawn has been travelling for almost eight years (!) to get to Ceres, and now she's finally there!  I may just be being a stereotypical romantic idealist/writer/dreamer, but I like to see personalities in planets and in things like spacecrafts, the Mars rovers, etc., and I'm very excited.

Also...I have a sunshine-related song dedication for the hour that we lost yesterday.  I know that it's technically sunnier now in the evening, but I feel like my morning sunshine has been stolen.  

Len: "Steal My Sunshine"

<3 Frances 

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