Monday, March 23, 2015

Skintervention Spotlight: 4 Favorite Concealers

As someone with acne (woohoo!), I am well aware of the importance of a good concealer.  Even for people who don't consider themselves makeup-minded, cover-up can be a very special product, and in my years wearing it, I've picked out a few favorites.  These babies are not tested on animals and have been kind on the sensitive complexions of people like me and Iris.  Plus, they've worked for me on days when my skin has been oily and on days when it's been dry.

Product Image 
I've been using this one a lot lately.  It's very, very lightweight and smooth, and it leaves your face looking dewy, bright, and fresh.  It's also moisturizing, so you don't have to worry that your hurting your skin when using it, and it has SPF 25.  

Naked Skin in color
Aside from coming in a really cool bottle, this concealer by Urban Decay is, as its name suggests, practically weightless.  It also comes in 18 shades and has green tea and anti-wrinkle peptides, and its "light-diffusing spheres" blend into your skin in such a way that it appears totally flawless.  Not that it isn't already ;)...

Smarty Plants™ CC SPF 20 Skin complexion corrector in 3 shades
This product has an adorable name (Smarty Plants!) and is designed to help "neutralize skin damaging effects of city smog and pollution."  It's like the environmentalist of skincare, and it's both hydrating and rejuvenating.  Like the other concealers I've mentioned, it also feels very lightweight.
Amazonian clay waterproof 12-hour concealer

When it comes to touch-ups, Tarte's concealer stick takes on the role of a magic wand.  I have one in my purse because it works so well in emergencies.  (You know...that moment when you realize you have a lovely red spot on your forehead?)  It isn't chalky, and it blends in easily.  Also, a little goes a long way, so it'll last you a long time.

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