Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beauty Around the World

There are so many ideas in the media about what "beauty" is, and they are often very disconnected from not only wholesome, healthy ideas about beauty (including the fact that it is way more than something skin-deep!) but also from the diversity of beauty around the world/how it may be perceived in different cultures.  Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc has traveled globally to photograph women all around the world to show beauty in a multitude of cultures and places, and I'm sharing some of her pictures here because they're visually stunning and also offer a refreshing sense of diversity that has been lacking from so much of the media.  I found the photos here, but you can also view them on Noroc's website.

Kichwa woman in Amazon jungle, EcuadorEcuador

Maramures, Romania

Bogota, ColombiaColombia

Java Sea, Indonesia

San Francisco, USA
United States

El Paico, Chile


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