Monday, September 21, 2015

Nature Rx

I think we spend so much time inside staring at screens that we don't ever take enough time to appreciate the world outside the blue glow of the Internet.  The few moments we do spend outdoors are wasted thinking about other things, and we never realize all that's around us and just how beautiful it is.  Nature is this wondrous life force that is beneficial for our minds, bodies, and souls, yet it doesn't get the focus that it deserves, and today's the day to change that.  GO outside.  EXPERIENCE nature.  I'm very nearsighted (my vision is genetically predisposed to not be all that great), but, when I stare at the tree line or look at the clouds, the blurriness feels less obtrusive.  I see better. I breathe better. I feel better.

<3 Frances

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