Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sayonara, Stress

There's been a lot of stress in the atmosphere lately.  Upcoming tests, projects, the news, work, relationships, health . . . everyone has at least one reason to feel frazzled.  But all this anxiety isn't doing anybody any good.  We think about stress like it's this unavoidable and necessary entity in our lives, but that shouldn't be the case!  A little angst is normal, yeah, but letting stress overwhelm you is really, really bad for you.  If you feel your health is suffering in any way (acne, headaches, even disease!) and look into remedying it, you'll find almost immediately that one of the key ways to get better is to reduce stress.   Unfortunately, you, like everybody else (me included!), will probably ignore this because it seems too impossible to be worth it.  Here's your wake-up call: 

<3 Frances 

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