Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beatrix Potter Has a New Book!

This is serious breaking news in the bibliophile world.  Since childhood, I've loved Beatrix Potter's world of posh mice and rustic rabbits, and when I saw the news today that an unknown work of hers was recently discovered and is set to be published, I couldn't help but to write about immediately. The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots, which Potter was working on in 1914, is about a fancy cat with a "double life," and, though manuscripts were written, it wasn't published because of Potter's marriage and, of course, World War I.  But it's being published soon, and it even features Peter Rabbit!  Though he's much older now.  Oh, Peter. We always wondered what became of you....

The original Kitty in Boots, which Beatrix Potter illustrated herself
Kitty-in-Boots himself

<3 Frances 


  1. Me too, I saw it in the news! Fantastic, isn't it!

    1. It's wonderful! :) I'm glad other people are excited, too!