Monday, January 11, 2016


Flowers disappear in winter and return in the spring almost as if to show that, no matter what, you can always have hope for there being some sort of beauty in the world even if you can't see it for a while.  Flowers are rather inspiring in that way, aren't they?  As yesterday was the new moon in Capricorn, marking a time for fresh starts and goal-setting (though some goals may not manifest as quickly as others), I decided that a mini-goal of mine is to get more familiar with flowers and gardens and all of nature in general because it's so amazing and genuine and isn't at all appreciated as much as it should be. I gave the plants in my apartment showers so that they could get their leaves glossy and hydrated, and I picked out some of the dead leaves from their soil.  I cut my finger a little bit, but being around the plants and smelling their soil and talking to them made me feel so happy inside, almost as if I were standing on the porch in the sun.  This is one of my propositions to you this new year: if you have time (and, trust me, I know that's difficult to come by), spend some of it in or around nature.  Even if you're just taking a moment to be with the ficus tree in your living room, make it a special one and open your heart up to nature and the incredible power that is our planet <3.

<3 Frances

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