Thursday, January 28, 2016

Playlist and Spring Cleaning in Winter

It's a little bit below freezing outside, but I feel like it's springtime.  Maybe it's all the sunlight reflecting off of the 2+ feet of snow.  It's coming in through the windows and brightening everything up, and it's making me think of gardens and giveaways and cleaning and all those other springtime-y things.  Unfortunately, homework has taken most of my time, but I did manage to distract myself for a few minutes by watching recordings of university English literature lectures.  There was a very interesting one about macro-history as a lens through which to view the works of Hemingway. 
My literary ventures aside, though, it's playlist time!  I haven't done a playlist post in what feels like a long time, so I'm excited to share the music that's been helping me get through midterms and the beginning of the new semester :).

Gin Wigmore: "Black Sheep"
Lissie: "2000 Miles" (Cover of The Pretenders)
Sam Cooke: "You Send Me"
Michael Franti: "Life is Better With You"
<3 Frances 

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