Thursday, July 14, 2016

Braces and More Music

After wearing a corrective retainer for most of seventh grade, I thought that my tiny, oddly-shaped teeth would stay somewhat straight.  Several years and a bit of time off from my night guard (I couldn't wear it after my wisdom teeth were removed), my teeth decided to rotate back into their original state of crookedness, and, as of today, I have braces.  Yay! (Apparently, the pain won't start until later, so for now I'm in the clear...)
Today has very much been a work day, and I've been doing summer assignments and organizing a classroom library, but I have some music to share that'll hopefully help you get through to the weekend. 

Violent Femmes: "Blister in the Sun"
Coldplay: "Up&Up"
Foals: "Mountain At My Gates"

<3 Frances

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