Moth Bird is the product of several minds, known publicly as Jill, Frances, and Iris, who realized only recently that coffee + a keyboard + a lot of thoughts about a lot of things could ultimately = a blog.  Usually too reserved to say everything in person, they're somehow managing an attempt to put it all on paper.


Frances, the primary blogger for Moth Bird, is an environmentalist, aspiring author, and frequent daydreamer who likes thrift-shopping for inexpensive vintage things and dancing alone to indie music.  She can often be found talking to herself, sketching the same unidentified person over and over again in various venues, or hanging around with Jill and Iris while they all get too emotionally-involved in films, stories, and the efforts of various global charities (their personal favorites include SmileTrain and Bat Conservation International). Frances also enjoys peppermint and all peppermint-related products, and she is currently in a relationship with a movie character.

Jill is supervising editor for Moth Bird and probably the most outspoken of all its contributors. She enjoys "reading" people and has made various attempts to talk
to the deceased (though that's a secret).  Jill's current past-times include stand-up comedy, writing fashion, movie, and book reviews, being blatantly honest, and plotting to overthrow the human race (in the most innocent way possible).

Iris is probably the most hardworking person Frances has ever met, and she usually ends up contributing her ideas for posts through the other writers at Moth
Bird because she just doesn't have the time to get them down herself. She is a lifelong animal rights activist who spent the majority of her adolescence babysitting just so that she could donate to Greenpeace, and she is also an introvert who finds comfort in Saturday evening movie times with friends Frances and Jill. Iris also has two pet crustaceans and loves cats.

P.S. Photos that we didn't take are linked back to their origin websites.  If a link isn't shown beneath the photo, you can click on it to go to the site where it was found.  Photo creds to those photographers :).

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