Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snowed In

We got more snow!  It's like Jack Frost is trying to make up for the lack of winter here, and it's exciting to open the window and see the ground covered in white. Walking outside this morning was a bit difficult, though--it was more like skating, to be honest, and I"m not the most elegant skater thanks to my pigeon toes.  Warmest thoughts go out to anyone in the New England area who's still trying to dig themselves out!
So, if you're snowed in, what are you plans for the day?  You could....
  • Clean.  Okay, this sounds really not fun at all, but imagine how good you'll feel when it's done.
  • Dance around the house. This is a personal favorite.
  • Try out that new workout DVD you haven't gotten the chance to use yet.
  • Finish your novel.
  • Do a giveaway.  (More space=less stress.)
  • Watch a movie.  
  • Play a board game.  For anyone who hasn't played it, Scattergories is really, really fun!
  • Get caught up on work.  I did a lot of homework over the break so I don't have as much now (knock on wood).
  • Go sledding and build a snowman!  
  • Watch the news.  
  • Give yourself a facial.  
  • Etc, etc, etc!
Because it seems like winter isn't going away anytime soon, here's some inspiration for #PajamaStyle.  Being indoors doesn't mean you can't feel adorable, too.

<3 Frances


  1. me encantan esas pijamas estas hermosas

  2. ¡Gracias, Gabriela! Me encantan las pijamas tambiĆ©n :).