Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Playlist

Friends, it's Thursday! Yes, you are officially another day closer to Friday.  And I'm wearing a normal shoe for the first time since getting my stitches.  They were removed last week, but the cut is still not totally healed.  I managed to do job my "fun run" in gym class yesterday, so I don't have to make that up when the temperatures spike, and I rediscovered early 1990s aerobics videos with my mum.  Work that ankle!
Anyway, here's some music to get you through your day.

Zella Day: "Seven Nation Army" (cover of The White Stripes)

Robert Plant: "Rainbow"

The Black Crowes: "She Talks to Angels"

Counting Crows: "Hanginaround"

Lykke Li: "Hold on, We're Going Home" (cover of Drake)

<3 Frances 

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