Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall Trends Preview

The last day of August is upon us! This means that 1) Halloween weekend (aka my wisdom teeth recovery weekend) is in exactly two months, 2) the school where I volunteer is officially back in session, and 3) the Autumn Equinox is in only 23 days!  It'll be a Wednesday.  For a fun break from work and the real world, here's a quick peak at what Autumn apparently has in store for our closets:

1) Capes

2) Patches

3) Grey

4) Culottes

What do you think?  Remember to always shop eco-consciously, too! These styles may be "in" right now, but they're by no means new.  Thrift stores are better for the environment than firsthand ones, and you'll be able to get looks like these for less.
<3 Frances

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