Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Inspiration

Since last week wasn't a full week, today is technically the first Monday of the school year for me, and it was admittedly a bit shocking to hear the alarm go off this morning at 5:15 and know that the beloved snooze button wasn't an option.  That said, though, that part of the day is over now, and it's on to the next ten hours (after that, school will be out, and it will be Monday evening, which is a world apart from Monday morning). 


With school and work back in full swing, it can be difficult to remember to do some of the important self-care things that help make everything survivable.  But it's crucial that you eat well, stay hydrated, get enough sleep (!), and don't freak out over the little things.  Make this year a happy one. 
<3 Frances

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