Wednesday, November 4, 2015

More Wisdom Tooth-Friendly Foods

It's the fifth day of my wisdom tooth-removal recovery, and, even though I'm feeling a bit better, I'm still pretty chipmunk-faced and exhausted, and for now I'm staying under the radar of the outside world.  I think my teeth (or at least the spots were they used to be) are all healing nicely despite the fact that they were impacted, and I've graduated from ice packs to heat packs and from liquid foods to mushy foods.  YAY for mushy foods!  They're so satisfying.  I don't think I'll be able to have walnuts again until Thanksgiving, though....
Anyway, in the process of doing make-up work and gently stretching my jaw and rinsing my mouth with saltwater after every meal, I've found some recipes that make wisdom tooth surgery post-op more pleasant.  I can't guarantee you'll be able to eat all these things right away, but most should be okay after at least day two.  I've tried to find things that are healthy, palatable, and not all entirely sweet.  Too many meals of low-protein sweet fruitiness can get a bit nauseating after a while.  Without further adieu, though, here are some of my wisdom tooth-friendly food ideas:

  • Scrambled Eggs
    • I haven't gotten to try these yet, but I've heard good things about them from people who are at least in the fourth day of their recovery process. If you make them super soft and try to keep away from tiny pieces that can get stuck in the holes in your mouth, you should be able to enjoy them as a warming, satisfying meal. 
  • Butternut Squash
    • Butternut squash is wonderful!  It's very soft, and you can blend it or smash it with your fork/spoon to make it even more edible.  It's also sweet, but in a savory way (if that makes sense). It'll fill you up and provide you with important nutrients.  Plus, it's great for November. After having only had pureed fruit for three days, I basically cried eating butternut squash for dinner because it felt like "real" food.
  • Other Squashes
    • Okay, pretty much all squashes will work. The only one I can think of that may be too stringy is spaghetti squash, but if you blended it, it would be safe.
  • Baby Rice Cereal
    • Earth's Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal is something I had as a baby, and it's so wonderful.  The thing about it that makes it so god for people post-wisdom tooth surgery is that it isn't grainy like regular rice cereal and therefore poses less of a threat of food getting stuck.  The servings are very small, but if you add apple sauce/mashed banana/pumpkin/mashed squash, you can get a yummy dish with a soft consistency that's like porridge if you microwave it and ice cream if you refrigerate it.

Good luck with all your future dental endeavors!
<3 Frances

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