Thursday, December 10, 2015

Arts as Therapy, Trees of Green

We recently got a project at school in which we have to pick topic that we find to be incredibly interesting and meaningful and do research on it as a sort of "PhD."  AT first, I wasn't entirely sure what to do, but then one day while I was reading an article in Well Being Journal, I looked up and saw my copy of Jane Eyre and realized that the overlap between holistic healing and the arts is something that I'm really interested in.  Books and dance helped me cope with losing my grandmother, who I was very, very close to, and I've seen the ways other forms of art have helped other people, and I think that this is something I want to incorporate into my career (scary word, LOL) because it genuinely intrigues me.  Anyway, I was sharing this because I may update this blog with info about the research I'm doing if I stumble upon anything particularly noteworthy or anything that may help people. Struggles are real and hard times are often upon us, but finding ways to ease pain holistically and healthily can make a big difference, and I think that, for some, art isn't so much a means of expression as it is a way to survive.  You can find more info at
With all that said, here's a song that my grandmother used to love that never fails to make everything feel better--even when the world seems like a difficult place in general.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Happy Thursday, friends.

<3 Frances 

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