Thursday, January 7, 2016

Music and Misc.

Hi, darlings!  I hope you're all well this first Thursday in January. It's funny to think that this is the very first Thursday of the year, but it is, and the last day of 2015 was a Thursday, so perhaps that makes today special.  Or perhaps all days are special and I'm just getting too excited about it.  I don't know. I'm studying for midterms (fun!), so my mind is a bit preoccupied as of lately. History dates, science's all very interesting, but it's hard to keep it all together sometimes.  I get things a bit mixed up.  And I'm trying to read Les Mis on the side, which just gets things more confusing, I think, because Fantine and Jean Valjean keep sneaking into my thoughts whenever my history textbook mentions France.  Sigh.
Brilliant tragedies aside, I'm excited to share YouTube user alexrainbird's one-hour indie/pop/folk compilation for January 2016 today.  I'm not really much of a YouTube video surfer myself, but I do enjoy digging into its indie music side (sidebar adventures!), and it's exciting when you find compilations because they're a great way to discover new music.  What have you been listening to lately?

I'm sending warmest wishes to everyone!  We're only a day from TGIF.

<3 Frances