Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tea Time Detox

Between spring cleaning and the spring semester, it can be easy to let yourself get sucked into a haze of homework and stress, but don't forget to take a few moments to detox and re-set. Globally, tea seems to be a bit of a miracle cure for everything from anxiety headaches to immune system sadness.  I saw this adorable infographic and was inspired to share it because it shows just how awesome herbal teas can be for helping you feel better when you're down.  Got an essay ahead of you?  Try machta.  Having nightmares? Go for chamomile or lavender.  Tummy troubles? Peppermint and ginger are here to save the day.  And the best thing about herbal teas is that they're natural, which means they're perfect for April Earth Month.  Just remember to recycle old tea boxes (or make them into super fun craft projects).

Which tea for which ailment #drink #glup #beverage:
<3 Frances

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