Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sustainable Style

Hi, everyone!  Welcome to another week. Sometimes I look at the date and wonder, "Where is time going?" But then when I'm sitting with my textbook open doing a homework assignment, time feels to be going rather slowly, so I suppose it's all relative, isn't it? 
I'm excited today to be writing about sustainability and how it relates to (wait for it) fashion!  Yes, this subject is a lot lighter than the melting polar ice caps and global poverty--two very major issues that deserve significant attention but can also be rather depressing. One of the biggest "traps" that can prevent people from taking action against global issues like climate change is full-out gloomy pessimism, and it's important to look at inspirational things to get the "let's save the world" juices flowing.  I know a lot of these brands are expensive and that I myself probably couldn't afford many purchases, but they're nevertheless inspiring and represent a positive movement in the stylesphere.

Founded in 2009, Awamaki helps to empower women living in the Peruvian Andes by providing them with economic opportunities based on the beautiful textiles that they make.  Because of the sustainable materials used and the emphasis on local art over big industrial production, Awamaki is good for the environment and for the artisans involved/their communities.  Plus, the clothes and textiles (which are sold under the "Awamaki Lab" brand) are gorgeous.

Awamaki Mission
Awamaki Lab Products
Auralis Herrerro
When she was just starting out in the fashion industry, Auralis Herrerro decided it was time to make a change.  "The fashion industry is responsible for so much of the pollution in the world," she said. Inspired by this sentiment, the 28 year-old started her own green company.  She uses materials that are organic and recycled and not processed with chemicals, and many of her designs are inspired by life in her homeland of Puerto Rico. 
Herrero's line is made through eco-friendly, sustainable production.
Noonan for NY Daily News
With a "V" for vegan, Vaute Couture was founded by lifelong animal-lover Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, and it was the first vegan brand to be included in New York Fashion Week.  With one of its initial goals being to make a warm winter coat free of animal cruelty, Vaute has exceeded expectations and truly made a name for itself in the fashion industry as a leader not only in the style world but also in the anti-animal cruelty world.  Yay!
PEMA Party Dress in Satin - Forest
Reading Skirt In Satin-Ivory
Interested in seeing more eco-style brands?  Check out the list from EcoSalon.
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