Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday Music and Prayers for 804

Hi, everyone!  The end of the academic year is approaching really quickly (as in next week is my last week quickly), and I can't believe it's almost here.  Summers are very busy, too, but it's nice to get to spend more time at home with books and living room dance sessions.
Summer plans aside, though, today I wanted to talk a little bit about the victims of the EgyptAir crash. I know it happened almost a week ago, but I've been thinking about it a lot, and I can't shake how horrible it is.  No one can really understand what the families of those on board Flight 804 are going through, and it's so unfair that they're having to suffer the unimaginable right now.  I still feel traumatized by the other crashes that have happened over the recent years, and I know the families of those victims will never be able to recover from the horror of losing a loved one in such a tragic way with so many unanswered questions.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected <3.

Birdy: "Skinny Love"

These Brittle Bones: "Flecks"

M83: "Outro"

<3 Frances 

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