Monday, December 29, 2014

Underwater Photoshoots, etc.

These photographs were taken underwater at a shipwreck near Bali.  How cool is that?  Plus, the models' dresses are really distressed and beautiful.  It's like a dark, ethereal take on Ariel the Little Mermaid (not that the original version of the fairy tale wasn't already dark enough!).
 You can find more info on this shoot at Lost At E Minor

von wong

von wong 3
Featured Image for This surreal photoshoot was done underwater on a ship wreck in Bali

In non-photography-related news, I'm seriously distraught over the missing AirAsia plane.  After Malaysia Flight 370 went missing earlier this year, I was traumatized but assumed that such a thing would hopefully never occur again.  I'm a fan of the show LOST, but when I watched it I always thought that things like passenger planes disappearing, while possible, probably didn't happen.  I'm hoping with all my heart that we find something.

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