Friday, December 12, 2014

Friends of Books Anonymous

It's officially Friday! ¡Viernes! Vendredi!  *sigh of joy*

Art by Emily Winfield Martin 

As a liberal arts geek (no shame!), I can't help but to fall head-over-heels for literature and all things literary.
I was raised in a world where "Faulkner" and "Woolf" were household names and the stories of Jay Gatsby
and Elinor Dashwood were very, very real.  Books, then, aren't works of paper but instead friends.  When one
ends, I'm physically pained, like I've just lost someone (I'm still getting over A Separate Peace).
If you, too, find yourself both emotionally tortured and fulfilled by literature, then welcome to Friends of 
Books Anonymous, where it's totally okay to have imaginary conversations with book characters....

<3 Frances

P.S.  If you're currently going through literary withdrawal, here are a few Jill's Library-approved books that would definitely be worth checking out:

This is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzergald.  Must anything else be said?
Wuthering Heights, one of the saddest love stories ever, written by a girl with
a very sad story herself.
The Vietnam War is captured--raw, real and poignant--in
the O'Brien's brief chapters.  It's like being there.
Few novels will leave you more disturbed by the meat industry than Upton Sinclair's muckraking masterpiece.
It's a graphic, real, painful, and incredibly important piece of literature.  

Set in a WWII-era boarding school in New England, this starts with a seemingly small accident
and " deep and as big as evil itself" (Aubrey Menen).

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