Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Three Things

They're playing holiday music on the radio again, so, even though we're only halfway through this week, things feel more spirited and seasonal and festive.  (Or at least they do until I have an exam.  Then they just feel anxious, LOL.)
Something that a lot of people are doing this time of year is, every day, reflecting on three things that made them happy that day.  I think this is a really sweet idea, even though it isn't always easy for everyone.  I'm going to try it for yesterday...three things that made me happy were 1) my hermit crabs, 2) talking to my mum, and 3) finding the pages my grandmother bookmarked in a book before she passed on.  
Also--here's what's on today's soundtrack!

Nick Drake: "Pink Moon"

Birdy: "1901" (Cover of Phoenix)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: "Christmas Canon"

<3 Frances

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