Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sadness, Light, Hope

When I read about the Germanwings crash yesterday during lunch at school, my head started spinning and I became terribly nauseated.  It was like that crash was the culmination of all the other horrible flight accidents that have happened in the last year--MH370 and MH17, just to name two of them--and it was difficult to wrap my mind around it all without succumbing to the devastating power of it.  It feels like there are so many sad things (not that sad is at all an adequate word for any of them) happening every day.  If we were aware of all of them, it would be too much to handle, wouldn't it?  
Yet despite the sadness, the pain, the horror, there's also this overwhelming feeling of hope everywhere, like it's going to be okay even when it seems that "okay" is impossible.  And though I always must acknowledge the melancholy, I can't help but to see the hope, too, because without it, what do we have?  I don't quite know where this post is going, but I suppose what I'm trying to get at is that I hope everyone lets hope exist inside of them.  
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