Thursday, April 30, 2015

Studying. So Much Studying.

It's official: exams are upon us!  I've admittedly been rather blog-neglectful these past few days because of all the studying that I've been doing, but I'm taking a little break to peek up from the end-of-year rabbit hole and breathe. Yesterday I had the first half of my mock AP tests (which count for test grades, by the way), and on Monday I'll be taking the AP Chemistry exam.  Thursday will be AP Spanish, and Friday will be AP European History.  I know it's only three tests this year, but I feel like my mind is drowning in solubility rules.

The crazy thing, though, is that, come next Friday afternoon, all these AP tests will be over.  OVER. And then I just have to wait until July to get my scores.  I somehow managed to get a 5 on the AP I took last year, but I'm not so sure how these tests are going to turn out.  I never really like to say, "Oh, I know I'm going to be fine!" because I don't know.  I won't know until that July day when everything is going normally until, BAM, test scores come in.  For now I just need to somehow invoke the powers of Hermione Granger.... 

I know a lot of you must be dealing with tests right now, too, so I'm sending the best of luck!  

<3 Frances

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