Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ER, Stitches & Music

Last night, just as I was about to start another round of AP studying, I somehow managed to walk into a piece of picture frame glass and almost slice my toe off.  Two hours later, I was leaving the ER with two (I know, anti-climatic!) stitches and a funny shoe that looks like what would happen if a Converse sneaker and a cast had a baby. This, friends, is what happens when trying to get a good grade in AP Chemistry.
Of course, I took the test yesterday morning.  It was nervewracking, yeah, but it didn't feel so dramatic compared to the whole ER adventure.  I'm glad it's over, but I'm sad because the whole suture thing means I can't run (I love running).  The doctor said I should be able to use the elliptical machine come Wednesday (yay...fingers crossed), and I know that I shouldn't let myself be so sad about missing running, but it's a major stress reliever for me.  Maybe it's good that I'm taking a break and trying other things, though.  My shin splints will probably thank me later, and flexibility is important.  The Bellatrix voice in my head never wants to be flexible, but she's going to have to be. Flexibility is key for maintaining happy health.
It's Cinco de Mayo (perfect, seeing as my Spanish AP is on jueves), yesterday was Star Wars Day (#geekout!), and I'm hoping that everyone out there is feeling positive vibes.  Make a point of it to appreciate the things around you every day, and don't let yourself get caught up in the voicesi n your head.  They're loud, sure, but awesomeness is a whole lot louder.
Also...beware picture frame glass!  It can be much sharper than it appears.  If I'd stepped into it with any more force, I would probably be down one toe right now.

Vanic x Zella Day: "Hypnotic"

Phantogram: "When I'm Small"

The 1975: "Chocolate"

OneRepublic: "Love Runs Out"

<3 Frances

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  1. My doctor recommended a golf ball muscle roller for my shin splints, great tool for massaging, worked surprisingly very well helped and me recover faster than any other treatment!