Sunday, April 10, 2016

More Earth Month: Climate Change in Photos

Spring Break is coming to an end! I'm going to miss it very much even though I spent most of it working.  Being with family all day has just been very lovely, and I'm very fortunate to get to look forward to the weekend after all the back-to-workweek madness.
This afternoon, I stumbled upon a National Geographic article about climate change and how it looks visually.  Being someone who is totally obsessed with photojournalism and the environment, I was excited (and a bit scared) to read it.  Needless to say, the photographs in it are incredibly beautiful and moving, and the photographer who took them, Daniel BeltrĂ¡, rather brilliantly explains how photography is "a tool to expose what’s happening in the planet."  He's captured everything from the melting in Greenland's ice sheet to the BP Oil Spill, and his work is equal parts stunning and heartbreaking.

<3 Frances

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