Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Sentences

First sentences, unlike first breaths and first kisses and first days of school, can be done over again. They can be changed--rewritten--and that's part of why they're so difficult. We edit them and polish them and torture ourselves with them in an attempt to make them as close to perfect as we possibly can. But the real world isn't perfect, so maybe we should just give our first sentences a break and let them be who they want to be: themselves.
This is Moth Bird, the blog that never wants to grow up. I'm Frances, and my friends Iris, Jill, and I are the writers behind this production, which was started as a way to keep our heads from exploding due to an over-accumulation of too many unexpressed thoughts. You can read more about us and Moth Bird here.
Regardless of how you managed to stumble across our little world, be it through a vortex or a rabbit hole or even just a computer, we want to thank you for visiting. Welcome to the land of the indie subconscious.

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