Monday, April 25, 2016

When Doves Cry

We lost Prince last week, which was shocking and heartbreaking, and I keep thinking of what he said at the beginning of "Let's Go Crazy":

It's really quite true when you think about it, isn't it?  And looking at everything else that's going on in the world--from the Ecuador earthquake to the anniversary of Chernobyl (which is tomorrow)--it's obvious that we are all just here to get through life and all that comes along with it. With this said, it's important now more than ever that we support each other and look at things with love.  I have AP tests coming up next week and spent a lot of time studying this weekend but did a lot of spring cleaning, too, and there's something about this weather that's incredibly inspirational.  Is it Monday?  Yes. But take Monday and make it something awesome, okay? 

Prince: "When Doves Cry"

<3 Frances 

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