Sunday, October 19, 2014

Melancholy's Melodies

I know that I may share music a bit too often, but it's difficult not to. Sometimes life demands a soundtrack, and there are certain melody/lyric combinations that go perfectly with what we're feeling and with what's going on.  As someone who enjoys the photo essays from Mother Jones magazine and likes reading books like Watership Down, I often find myself drawn to sad songs--poems that hurt the heart and gnaw at the threads of emotion connecting nerves to reality.  Without further adieu, then, here are four of my all-time favorite pieces of musical melancholy:
"Time Flies" (Lykke Li)

"Wonderwall" (as covered by Cat Power)

"Flecks" (These Brittle Bones)

"Fix You" (Coldplay)

<3 Frances

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