Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Direct Again

Looking out the window now, I realize that the sun has just risen, and there's finally daylight.  When I got out the door earlier today (7:00 am!), it was dark and freezing outside, and I felt somewhat nocturnal and terribly decaffeinated.  But those are two pretty basic symptoms of my #mornings.

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I have relatively good news today (hence the hamsters!), despite being a bit late on the delivery: Mercury has gone direct again!  As of the 25th (Saturday), our little planet friend with the chaotic disposition ended its retrograde.  That means that we can start making plans and decisions again without fear of havoc (yay!) and that the dust of whatever did happen over the past few weeks is going to begin to settle. Did you meet someone new and start a relationship during retrograde season?  Truths hidden by the guise of retrograde's mis-communications are going to come to light, and it's going to become clear where, exactly, you two are headed (if anywhere).  Have you been feeling forgetful lately?  Your brain fog will clear up in no time.  Have you been wanting to make a major change but been unsure of when to go through with doing so?  The post-retrograde period is a good time for your true wishes to surface and a good time for you to take action.
All that being said, may the force be with you as you tackle post-retrograde life!  I'll be attempting to do the same.  Results may vary.

<3 Frances

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