Monday, January 26, 2015

Dry Skin!

I realized it was officially winter when, halfway through third period, my knuckles started bleeding. Fortunately, my sweater sleeves were long enough that I was able to disguise the desert that is my skin, but the whole cracking/bleeding/burning thing was nevertheless not fun at all. 
My mum actually had to bring emergency moisturizer (*cue superhero theme song*) with her in the car when she picked me up after school, and now I carry a lovely little bottle of Shikai hand cream in my backpack.  #becausebleedingisbad 

But the great thing (and I'm not being sarcastic here) about dry skin is that moisturizer isn't the only solution!! As it turns out, it can be combined with a multitude of other things to help make flaky flesh less disturbing and painful.  Without further adieu, here are some tips for saving your skin, one dry-skinned person to another:
  • Use warm water instead of really hot water.  This can be especially difficult during the winter because the idea of hot water is particularly enticing when it's really cold outside, but hot water isn't very good for the natural oils of your skin and therefore will prevent it from staying hydrated later on.  
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after washing your hands.  Even if you're at school, wash your hands and return to class from the bathroom to put on some moisturizer.  This really does do a lot for the skin.  It's saved me from bleeding during many a lecture period.
  • Gloves!  I actually have a pair of cute little arm warmers that I wear sometimes when my skin is particularly bad.  They're fun to look at, soft, and not only protect my hands but also disguise the fact that they look like California during a drought.  
  • Gloves at night!  Take some moisturizer, put it on, and then pull on a pair of gloves.  They'll trap the moisture so you wake up to nice, soft skin in the morning. Spa time, anyone?
  • Drink more water.  This is one of those suggestions that you hear all the time.  (Headache? Drink water.  Bloated?  Drink water.  Irritable?  Drink water.)  But it's also a really good suggestion.  I actually have two reusable water bottles with me at school today so I can be sure that I don't run out.  Having a dry throat and dry hands is just way too much dryness.
  • Be gentle.  Don't dry your hands off roughly.  They're in a very fragile place and need to be treated as such.  Pat them dry.  Don't scrub too hard when washing them.  
Hopefully some of these tips will be able to help you deal with your chronic dermal dryness!  Best of luck to you and your skin!

<3 Frances 

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