Monday, September 29, 2014

Feel-Good Finds

Apparently, aside from being a Monday, today is also #NationalCoffeeDay.  If you can have coffee and like it (and buy it fair trade!), that's totally awesome, but, as for those (like me, tragically) who cannot have coffee, here are a few feel-good pick-me-up finds that may help to ease the pain:
Natural Calm flavors
  • Natural Calm: The Anti-Stress Drink is a totally wonderful magnesium and Stevia powder that, when combined with water, produces a wonderful beverage that not only tastes good (cherry flavor is amazing!) but also lowers stress and anxiety levels.  It's OK for blood types A and AB, non-secretor B's, and secretor O's.  

    Gloomaway™ Grapefruit bath bar
  • All of the Gloomaway products by Origins smell like grapefruit and will make your world a better place. Some products are pricier than others, but, if you have $15.00 and are experiencing any sort of life crisis, buying the bath bar  would be highly recommended.  Come to think of it, any grapefruit-scented aromatherapy product would be highly recommended.  We also love perfume roller sticks and the fruits themselves.

  • Green tea is something that has made my mornings significantly less difficult.  You can have it plain or in fun flavors like blueberry and hibiscus.  A much-needed dose of metabolism-boosting caffeine!
  •  100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream is the best alternative to coffee for non-coffee people because it smells like coffee and reduces the edema you get around your eyes after staying up all night working. It also comes in one of the most adorable containers ever.

<3 Frances

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