Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Second Semester

Midterms are over!  Thank God.  Now comes the painful "wait" period between turning tests in and getting them back, and as much as I'd like to leave my study-coma, I'm tempted to remain within it because I know that I can't let myself study any less vigorously than I did for the midterms.  #APproblems
Complaints aside, though, I hope that everyone had a nice Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I did some homework (and a little procrastinating, LOL), attempted to actually draw backgrounds for the characters that I draw (usually I just leave everything behind them on the paper completely blank--not any more!), and helped my mum around the house (folding laundry is surprisingly therapeutic!).  I also got to keep up with my running streak.  I've gone running for about 20 minutes every day for the past few weeks, and it's done a lot as far as anxiety is concerned.  Though I did still get one new acne for each midterm I took last week....

Because it's another back-to-work/school morning, here's some music:

The Postal Service: "Such Great Heights"

The Cure: "Pictures of You"

Jasmine Thompson: "Demons" (Cover of Imagine Dragons)

<3 Frances

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