Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Normal Barbie" Has Acne, Too!

As someone with recurrent breakouts, pigeon toes, and all the other qualities that come along with not being airbrushed, I was really excited to read about the new "normal Barbie," Lammily, who--believe it or not--comes with stick-on acne as opposed to glitter dust.  I'm a doll-person, and, while I love my childhood Barbie dolls (who, by the way, I gave "real problems"--debt, loss, heartache, etc.) to death, it's refreshing to see a doll who's proportioned based on the CDC standards for the average 19 year-old girl.  

 Lammily, the brainchild of artist Nickolay Lamm, would, if she were a human, by 5'4" and have a waist almost double the width of physically impossible human Barbie.  Something else that is awesome?  "Lammily Stickers," the accessory set that can be purchased for Lammily, include not only butterfly tattoos but also everything that is edited off of celebrities.  Acne!  Scars!  Stretch marks! Cellulite!  Bruises!  #real&proud

OMG!  She has acne, too!  TWINSIES!

<3 Frances

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