Monday, November 10, 2014


Congratulations on surviving Monday!  The weekend countdown may officially commence again.
Today was one of those classical fall days--crisp colors, a biting breeze--and it was a constant reminder of how close we are to 2015.  That's right--it's almost been 15 years since the turn of the century. And it's almost been 11 years since they made one of my all-time favorite movies, A Series of Unfortunate Events, which, as I recently found out, is being adapted by Netflix into a television series.  Yeah, poor childhood fangirl me never got a sequel but now, after ten years, the entertainment industry has decided to make a TV show.  It's sad it won't have the same cast as the movie, but I'm still sort of anxious to see what happens because I just loved the movie and books so much.  They helped foster my obsession with writing and film-watching.

In non-entertainment news, I'm happy to say that the petition to save Mali the elephant--who's been trapped in isolation in a zoo for over 30 years--has 115,630 supporters so far!  Only 34,369 signatures are needed.  If you've got a spare millisecond, I implore you to please sign this petition to help save a beautiful, innocent creature from the hardships of isolation.  Elephants are social animals, and being without family or friends is horrible.  Thank you for helping to make the world a better place! 
<3 Frances 

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