Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dance Detox (and Scoliosis)

Saturday!  Time for test corrections and blueberry consumption and, of course, sorting through pre-holiday cards.  November is basically half-way through, which is insane, and I'm trying to round up a donation for some of our favorite charity organizations while surviving the cold (and school!).

SO. MUCH. DANCING. And flexibility.  I have no flexibility.
Last night was conducive to dancing, which, if I haven't already rambled about it, is a slightly secret pastime of mine despite chronic foot pain and a flexibility-hindering case of scoliosis.  Yay for scoliosis!
Anyway, I'm posting this wondering what your favorite ways to detox are.  Magazine binge?  Sleep? Yoga?  Hardcore plyometrics?  Lip-syncing the lyrics to pop songs that nobody knows you listen to? Detoxes are different for everyone but important for all.

<3 Frances

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