Thursday, November 27, 2014

Empathy & Gratitude

It's Thanksgiving, which means it's a time to be thankful for even the simplest things in our lives.  But it's also a good day for empathy and reaching out to those who may be struggling more than we are this time of year, so, if you're feeling particularly philanthropic, consider donating some of your time or money to an organization that you know is helping others.
Here are two inspiring stories about hope and hardship that we should all keep in our hearts when thinking about what we're grateful for this year. 

Smile Train: Mili's Story

Mili, a little girl in Kota, India, was born with a cleft lip and abandoned as an infant.  Found in a train compartment in 2012, Mili was given a second chance when she was adopted and Smile Train provided her with a free cleft repair surgery. 

PETA: Piggies Saved from Slaughter
Rescued Pigs at Sanctuary
When a group of mother pigs were to be sent away to slaughter after being used in a college swine production class, one student recognized the horror of what was happening and contacted New Jersey's The Cow Sanctuary.  Thanks to the generosity and effort of PETA and Cow Sanctuary patrons and workers, the pigs are now free to live their lives. 

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