Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Day of November & Stress Eviction

Tomorrow is Monday morning, and, oh dear, I've started listening to sad songs again.

Mazzy Star: "Look On Down From the Bridge"

But, aside from that, I'm hoping that today is a good day for everyone and that this week proves to be a happy one, as well.  It's the last day of November, after all, and this month deserves to end with optimism.  It's crazy that there's only one month left of 2014!  And then this year will be over like all those before it, lost to the past.  Before that happens, though, let's make a point of living in the moment and taking time to detox and release all the stress that's building up inside like a stack of little demons.  You can just hear it whispering, can't you?   
Stress: Hey, you.  It's me, stress.  Remember me?  Hehe...
You: Yeah, I remember you.  And I'm sorry to say that I'm evicting you from my mind.
BAM.  That's right.  Let's EVICT STRESS.
Evict stress with yoga!

Evict stress with citrus   

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