Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Acne, Anxiety, Autumn

It's a November Wednesday, and the weather is exactly like something out of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episode. Speaking of Thanksgiving, by the way, it's only three weeks away, and I'm possibly too excited about seeing the giant Hello Kitty balloon take over NYC,...

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Holidays aside (I am totally not listening to Bruce Springsteen's Christmas album right now, lol...), I wanted to talk a little bit about stress/nerves/all-around general anxiety because of the massive impacts it can have on our lives.  I've been stressed about assignments, etc. lately, and it's taken a bit of a toll on my skin.  Currently there's a breakout on my forehead, both sides of my face, and my chin.  Anyone who has ever suffered from acne will know that it's really frustrating to wake up one morning covered in little red volcanoes.  

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When I get a breakout

But this post isn't so much about acne as it is about one of its biggest facilitators: stress!  The crazy thing is that, retrospectively, a lot of the things I get nervous about will mean nothing to me in the future.  There's so much more important stuff going on right now (as I'm so often reminded by the news and Mother Jones magazine) that it shouldn't be necessary to "sweat the small stuff."  It's the start of a new month (or at least it was four days ago), so let's make a resolution to stress less, appreciate more, and be all-around more contributing citizens.  Stop worrying.  Wear your happy shoes.  Sign that animal welfare petition.  Make the most of your November--2014's almost over.  

<3 Frances 

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