Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dancing with Flat Feet

Being somewhat pigeon-toed and suffering from what is known as "overpronation" (when the foot rolls inwards too much), my feet and ankles often cause everything from walking around the house to working out to be painful.  My arches press against the floor with every step, my joints make weird noises, and the balls of my feet end up aching when neglected.  When my knees started producing an unpleasant popping sound while I was dancing around the living room one day, Iris suggested to me something brilliant: slippers. Specifically ballet-style slippers, which don't slide off and allow movement.  Some even have cushioned soles.
I know, let it sink in: cushioned soles.  To anyone with foot pain, those two words fall into the same category as "limitless coffee" and "healthy chocolate."
I ordered a pair of slippers off of Amazon.  They're periwinkle and made by Isotoner, and, despite being one of the more expensive purchases that my family has made, they have made a massive difference, and doing things like dancing, working out, standing in the kitchen, and walking around have become much more pleasant on my feet.
Overpronation: 0.  Slippers: 1. 

<3 Frances

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