Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday and Manatees

It's finally Friday, and we all know what that means:
I know we haven't posted in the last two days, as we've been working hard on the many projects going on right now, but we managed to find a few minutes over the course of this week to whip up a miraculous super-healthy, super-yummy recipe that will find its way onto Moth Bird shortly.  We also used a spare moment to donate to one of our favorite non-profit organizations, Save the Manatee Club.  As the name suggests, SMC works to promote the protection of manatees worldwide and has a sanctuary for manatees in southern Florida, and yesterday we participated in a fundraiser to help buy food for a newly-rescued calf named Mitch who lost his mother.  You can click here to see a video of him--he's adorable.    
Happy weekend!  It's detox time!

<3 Frances

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