Monday, July 14, 2014

Patchwork Blouses and Lazy Hair

I was very excited yesterday because I got to wear my thrift-found patchwork blouse!  It's too big, but I'm a fan of oversize things, and I paired it with board short-style cargos (they were a $2.00 find), a hand-me-down Old Navy sweater, and, of course, one of my many "hoarding bags."

I've been experimenting with new hairstyles lately as well, and this one has become a new favorite!  I'll post better pictures of it with a how-to later, but all you need to do it is a thick headband.  Then you just wrap your hair around the back of the headband, and it looks very Grecian.  Plus, it only takes a few seconds. Yay for lazy hairstyle techniques!

<3 Frances

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